On this journey through the podcast universe we only just begun peeling the first layer to what could be a society ruled by Saturn til today and how the holiday; Saturnalia relates to Christmas and if Santa Claus is really just Kronos; devouring of souls. Let us find out on this adventure through Space!

It is said Saturn is still in control of our universe today. It’s ingrained in our society through all levels including:

  • Religion,
  • Secret Societies,
  • Satanism,
  • Banking,
  • Politics & the Institutions of State of all levels,
  • Corporations
  • Law and the Court System
  • Science

You can find this discussion on the podcast Episode 15

There are multiple obelisk’s around the world as one of them is the Washington Monument. My theory is that they use these forms of devices as transportation to and from Earth.

Just as other forms of symbolism right in front of our faces we have the black cube of Saturn being represented across the world.