Level Documentary



Hopefully that link still works in the next few days but it’s a documentary about flat earth and lies we were told by nasa/ government. One thing they pointed out early on was “air bubbles” coming from astronaut helmets in space videos. This leads to the theory that maybe they film a lot of the “outer space” under water with a dark background. Now I’ve had a short career maintaining swimming pools and I’ve come across many pools with dark/black surfacing so it isn’t crazy to think they just have a huge pool with a black surface for the outer space effect. It would also explain the zero gravity look. Other things pointed out were things like NASA being founded by Werner von Braun who was a nazi and brought over with many other nazi scientists through project paper clip. There is a lot of good points and evidence brought up in the film and I think it’s worth the watch. If it happens to be taken down by the time you read this many of the independent researchers involve: Santos Bonacci, Dave Murphy, Tanner Stewart and many more. It’s a touchy subject but think of every other lie the government has told for years. Why would space be any different? The easiest way to control people is to control literally everything they’ll learn.