Hybrid babies; are they trying to tell us something?

Originally posted June 4-6th. Front page cover on USA today newspaper and many alternative news outlets they own and operate including here in Collier county our own Naples Daily News featuring an article about hybrid babies born across the whole United States. Now, could all this just be subliminal messaging? Conditioning us to make this more and more normal.

A news origination suppose to be giving us “news”. Front page showing us not “breaking news” but simply an advertisement for Netflix the upcoming show “Sweet Tooth”.

Now, I know I’m a little bit late but something about this didn’t sit right and I needed to write an article about what our news has come to here in America. Where our news is just giving to us as a “advertisement” or “fake” and spinning it off as real news and journalism or is it just that. The real reason is was front cover is that they are shoving it in our faces, conditioning us.

Who you may say they are? They are to me could possibly mean a few things; they the globalist elite, they the people in control of the news and media, they as in deep state.

I’m sure many who’ve been down the rabbit hole will know it isn’t far fetch that they have been doing continuous science experiments about our DnA and and mixing it with animals to create what they are calling hybrid humans.

They been doing of similar science experiments back in world war 2 and the United States employed these scientists to continue there work. It’s similar to how our Nasa program was created by a Nazi German Scientist Wernher von Braun.

This above is an image from a surveillance camera where the video shows of this four legged creature running past but isn’t looking like any kind of animal I’ve seen and said, spotted in Mexico. They call her la nina Perro.

I’m not sure when the original posting was made on this woman dog lady but it isn’t a coincidence that their media wrote a similar story of a similar human hybrid being there story headline. Who’s to say that these science experiments never halted and always kept going till today.